Sweater shaver also called as fabric shaver. It has rotating blades. it also operates on the basis of the dry cell or battery. These shavers can use on the bed, curtains, carpet, etc. but it use more than this use for removing the fuzz on to the clothes. Especially from the sweaters or the clothes that made from wool. Before using the sweater, shaver user should check that battery having full charging. The button which is use for on off purpose.Where can i buy a sweater shaver?

Use of sweater shaver:

Sweater shaver is useful for removing he fuzz from the clothes. Which is made from the woollen. Like sweaters, hoodies, etc. because of the daily use of sweater in winter, they are abuse. So, removing fuzz on to this sweater shaver is useful. While choosing the best fabric shaver keep in mind that, they are come in two types, one is manually and other is electric. Razor Guides Best Electric Razor

Manually fabric shaver:

If you have to choose manually treated shaver. This shaver comes in blade less type. Also, they not use any type of batteries. They don’t need any battery support to worked. Because they are work manually.

Electric fabric shaver:

On the other hand, electric fabric shaver is more useful for remove fuzz on to the woollen clothes. They are more efficient and comfortable than manually worked shaver. Also, electric shaver is come in more numbers.

They also have fast speed. Your worked is done in a very small interval of the time. You can choose from many blades’ shaver to one of them. You can use these shavers on to pillow. It comes in high quality blades.

There is no matter which shaver you can use. Shaver must be affordable for you.

Where the shaver can buy?

There is no any specific place for buy the shaver. You can buy this shaver on to the Philips service centre, also in Philips light lounge. You can also buy shaver online sites. They deliver order in same way.

There many brands that sold sweater shaver

Conair: this shaver is harmless for fabric. It runs on the AA batteries.

Remington: this shaver is light in weight. Also,its cost effective. And economically stable.

Beautural portable: it has 30 days money back guarantee. Also, it uses on the basis of dual protection technique.

Kooder: It also use the principal of dual protection technique. And uses powerful motor.

Electric sweater: it has three years guarantee. And also uses dual protection technique.

Fannyc lint: This shaver is cost effective. And is also use as battery removal.

There are some pros and cons to use shaver:


  • There is different setting for different shavers. So, check before it use.
  • They are harmless for fabric.
  • It runs on AA batteries.
  • It has large head.


  • They bulky.
  • It takes lot of time to clean fabric.

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There are many places available to buy the shaver. You can buy it from online sites or from shops. You can choose any shaver according to your choice.